About Tina

It is so nice to meet you....

Who I am and what I do are two very complex things. I am a photographer and artist first and formost; I have a flip book brain when it comes to creativity and it has never ceased to not work. I basically woke up from my bed as a child and always looked to create. It started with coloring books and then graduated to chaulks on the street in Queens and as I got older I located my grand mother's camera and my shooting life began. It wasn't until mid 2000 when I purchased my first SLR and at that time it was film. So shooting slides and waiting a few weeks to see your results was not uncommon for me. When the digital age hit I purchased my first DSLR and now I am into my third DSLR. Something about that light box kept my mind very busy!


I can photograph many things, it is an innate ability I have to capture things creativly and with artistic impression. Late in life I began college for furthering my education in the art world. I have studied at the Academy of Art University based in San Francisco, CA. Working towards my Bachelors has been a very fun experience. 


I have had various subject interests from macro floral to landscapes, from models to children and familes...it got to a point that I was making money from my work and that was great...for a time. But those subjects never really gave me the drive or passion to consistantly photograph them. 


None of it fulfilled me, none of it completed me, none of it fit for me and when a creative mind gets bored....well, it means we move on to something new and exciting. However, animals were never new to me, they existed like air existed for me to breath.  I had emotional attachments to them, I had the greatest of empathy for them, and I could never imagine my life without any animals in it. That is when it hit me.........do what you love. 


And on a kitchen table throwing around words.. I came up with PETCHA PHOTOGRAPHY, kind of like Petcha, you betcha...yes...it was born and so was my spirit. That so overly used quote is very true, if you never loved an animal your whole being and soul are just closed off to the world around you.


I enjoy being with them

I love and adore them

They make my mind always move

and I have this pull to them that can never be explained in words


They are not just your best friends, they are mine too.