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At Petcha Photography, our pets are cherished members of our little family, and if you’re here, that means yours are too! I specialize in modern photographic art for my client’s – I want you to smile every time you catch a glimpse of your pet’s images. Custom photography is one of the best ways to immortalize that special bond between you and your best friends. Each of my pet sessions are specifically designed to create lasting memories of your pets, as well as tangible reminders of your love for your pets, whether through, framed prints , beautiful custom wall art like canvas, or simply digital files for you to cherish forever. 



Acceptable forms of payment: check, credit card, and cash

Checks made payable to Tina Quatroni

If you are on a budget, please do not hesitate to discuss that with me.

We will work together to give you these memories!


$300 includes:
– One -Two hour session time
– one pet ($25 for each additional pet)
– one location (to be determined during consultation)
– 25+ proofs in your own private on-line gallery
– access to digital downloads of high resolution


$400 includes:
– Approx three hours of session time
– one pet ($25 for each additional pet)
– two locations (to be determined during consultation)
– 50+ proofs in your own private on-line gallery
– access to digital downloads of high resolution

Session Info

Let's talk about what happens in a session?

First we speak on the phone with a free consultation and you can introduce me to the world of your canine, feline, equine buddy, or who ever you call your pet and family!


I will ask questions in reference to your best friend’s method of training and if any behaviors I should be aware of, (maybe Fido or FeeFee doesn’t like stairs or loud noises). I look to make your companion comfortable in all ways possible so we can have a great session together! Sometimes treats are used for attention, but they are always HEALTHY and I ask permission first! You are welcome to bring your best buddy’s favorites to the session, even if it is just a squeeky ball!


I will dedicate at least 1 hour per session , but you must remember that most pets like canines,  will get bored in under a half hour. That is how most of their brains work and are wired.


They live in the moment and we have to work in THEIR moments at all times.

At first meeting, I will spend time to settle your pet's mind because they will be uncomfortable with the strange lady and her stange box of noises. I do ask for limited humans during the session, it helps them and it helps me.


We will  take play breaks in order to get a refocus or regroup moment whenever your pet is showing signs of anxiety or boredom.


Exercise is the greatest answer to letting out energy and I STRONGLY suggest a good hour long walk or hour long playtime BEFORE arriving to the session.


Grooming is also very important and you should take some extra time and make your pet look as presentable as possible!



Pictures will be available for viewing within two weeks, and many times it is even sooner! You will have access to a private (password protected) online viewing gallery. 

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